Become a Momleader by owning your time and life

Moms CAN have it all.

You can be an amazing mother to your kids, a successful entrepreneur, and have enough time for yourself, all without losing your mind!

If you’re reading that thinking it's impossible, you’re not alone.

Thousands of moms think the same way.

After all, it’s really tough being a mother.

You want to be there for your children whenever they need you and provide as much love and

support as their hearts can take.

If you have toddlers, you understand this better than anyone.

They need steady attention, love and care.

But constantly providing all these can be exhausting.

I know firsthand how tough it can be because I have x bundles of joy of my own.

24 hours is never enough.

You barely have enough time to

  • Take care of your child
  • Have fun with your family
  • Enjoy your partner’s company
  • Grow your business/work/your job
  • Practice self-care

It can feel like you’re failing at everything at the same time.

You may even get to a point where your children barely get enough attention and your work

and family time is slipping away from you.

All the while, you know you could do so much better if only you had more time.

My name is Nike, and I’m a working mom like you.

I know all about feeling like things are spiraling out of control.

You see, I have a degree in law and an extensive background in the corporate space.

I was a business analyst and corporate trainer on time management and goal setting.

If you’ve ever worked in a corporation, you know that there’s a constant pressure to deliver

results and that time usually isn’t on your side.

I had to manage my own time properly and show other employees how to do the same.

I had an Aha! Moment

One unique lesson I took from my experience in corporate is that thinking inside the box gets you


That’s why I decided to learn more about the human mind, how people think and how I could

help them maximize their potential.

That’s why I got a master’s certificate in neuroscience and psychology and enrolled in John

Maxwell’s leadership and training program.

After I left corporate, I decided to keep doing what I am passionate about:

Helping people manage their time without ignoring an aspect of their life.

Even though we only get 24 hours a day, you can do so much more with that time.

Now I show moms like you how to:

  • Take out time to enjoy yourself and do things you love.

  • Grow your business without feeling like you’re ignoring your kids.

  • Act without overwhelming guilt or shame.

Become a Momleader through 1:1 coaching

In my 1:1 coaching program, I teach moms to maximize their time.

And I mean really get the most out of their day instead of using fancy planners that end up

being more trouble than they are worth.

You probably know the feeling where you're stuck in a vicious cycle of constantly trying to

catch up with your to-do list and accomplish everything at the same time.

More often than not, you work non-stop, get tired and burned out, and lose control.

Then you take time off, take another stab at it again, and fall into the same pattern.

I teach moms like you how to break out of that system in just 12 weeks.

I’m not just pulling these principles out of thin air

I’ve lived these principles, and I’ve shown thousands of people how to use them to get the

most out of their day as a corporate trainer and coach.

That’s why I'm confident that during our 12-week 1:1 coaching program, you can learn everything

you need to reclaim your time and become the Momleader I know you can be.

One of the things I’ll be showing you is how to exercise your P.O.W.E.R over time.

Because even though you have limited resources around you, you can accomplish so much with


This is the same principle I shared with the audience at my TEDx talk in Alief, Houston, Texas.

Here’s a sneak peek:

P: Personality - Using your unique personality to your advantage.

O: Oxygen - How you sometimes need to check your own oxygen first.

W: Worth - Deciding what’s worth your time.

E: Energy levels - Using your finite energy to your advantage.

R: Resistance - Overcoming all the resistance in your mind.

After the 12 weeks, you’ll be able to take charge of your time management, meet up with all

your commitments and have enough time to love yourself.

What do other Momleaders think?

“I found my coaching sessions hugely empowering and beneficial. Momleader allowed me the

perfect space to share everything I was feeling. I had no idea how to strike a work-life balance...

she was clear, direct and practical in her approach.

- Loretta Crown, Consultant

Nike really encompasses what it means to be a Momleader. What I found most helpful was her

ability to hold me accountable and guide me on the path of how I was to take charge of my

day-to-day life. As a working mother with three girls, I had to find out how to find time for

myself, for work and, more importantly, self-care.

- Jenn Rivas, Coach

Jenn’s lovely testimonial encompasses everything I help moms accomplish:

Finding time to be great moms, grow their businesses, and take care of themselves.

Own your time today

Moms are hardly ever just one thing.

You might be a business strategist or wellness coach, but you’re also a mother to beautiful

children and a partner to your significant other.

And then there are hobbies and other things you do to relax.

The good news is that you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all these roles.

Having stood where you are now, I understand how difficult it can be to balance these


I’ve also helped enough working moms know it’s possible to strike that balance.

If you’re ready to own your time and become a Momleader, I’d love to go on that journey with


Book a free 30-minute strategy call with me right now, and let’s talk about how you can create

a schedule that works for you, your career and your family!

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